Open Source Oracle Framework

Fireway is a cross-chain data oracle micro framework connecting real-world data and APIs to smart contracts.


Build hybrid smart contracts

Fireway greatly expands the capabilities of smart contracts by enabling access to real-world data and off-chain computation with a minimalistic yet scalable approach.

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Connect To Any API

Retrieve data from any API, connect with existing systems, and integrate with any current or future blockchain.

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Framework Approach

Fireway approaches the oracle problem as a framework that others can extend to adapt to their needs.

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EVM Compatible

Add offchain computing capabilities to any EVM compatible network and smart contract.

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The oracle contract is less than 10 lines of code, yet it offers the flexibility to invoke any API.

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Developer Friendly

Launch a dockerized worker you control or integrate with an existing oracle instance.

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Open Source

Free to use, extend and collaborate. Checkout our Github and starting building.

An FEVM Hack Project

This project was created with love by Giancarlo for the Filecoin EVM Hackathon by ETHGlobal, 2022

System Architecture

Onchain-Driven Interaction

A smart contract client invokes the oracle smart contract to emit an event with the request details. The worker filters oracle events and invokes the API call with the event parameters, sending the response back to the origin.

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Framework Paradigm

Minimalistic Implementation

The Oracle Smart Contract is less than 10 lines of code and the workers are super lightweight as well. Anyone can launch and run their own instance or use an existing one run by another developer.

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Developer Friendly

Docker Deployment

Launching a worker is as simple as running a Docker container. Fireway aims to simplify the process for developers for launching their own custom Oracle solutions.

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— While building a smart storage market project within FEVM I realized the lack of options to interact with offchain datasources, not only on FEVM but on most EVM compatible networks. Working with Oracles is not mainstream and I just needed a quick way to access offchain data.