My Unity Projects

Some of my projects made in Unity can be obtained via the Unity Assets Store and others

Touch Line Controller (Component)

Is a new component that allows to render any type of line following up the trajectory of touch or mouse input. In addition it allows the user to identify if the shape drawn is closed (intercepts against itself) and is easily extensible with new materials and line renderers.

Smooth Flight Control (Component)

Is a component to that includes a controller that simulates flying mechanics similar to the one in Starfox. This component is in the Asset Store in Unity and includes prefabs for the controller and the crosshairs, weapons and scripts to generate and configure the “endless running” environment.

Super Nova VR (Game)

It gave birth to the Smooth Flight Control component. This is a game developed for one of the GameJams and is configured for Mobile VR.

Purgatory Cube (Game)

Another Mobile VR game for a GameJam, multiple players need to collaborate to exit a cube which is constantly rotated by a third player (using gyroscope)

Mirage (Game)

Another Mobile VR game for a GameJam, it is a space combat simulator that takes place around a space station

Pancho and Quelito’s Nigth of Dreag (Game)

Our first GameJam videogame ever presented, a kid and his dog are alone in a hounted house and in order to exit the house the both of them must work together to open doors and help each other to the exit